Potential Buyers

Our products are not sold in stores.  Below are people looking for groups to purchase from. Click on the name of the person who is close to where you live. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. This information will be emailed to the Potential Buyer and they can contact you directly. 

Please note that not every person you contact will get back to you. It is possible they have just purchased from another group, or they are not in need of additional items at the time you get in touch with them. Check back during your sale as new names appear all the time.

Please select a buyer from the list below to view their details and contact them.

Name Title Location
Lois Angier all Butter Braids Annandale, MN
Tara O Butter Braids Anoka, MN
Sue Nielsen Butter Braid bread Bigfork, MN
Erin Monda Cinnamon butter braid Brainerd, MN
Julie Kruchten Butter Braids Brainerd, MN
Allen Mosezel Dixon caramel and cinnamon rolls, strawberry cream cheese and apple butterbraids Burnsville, MN
Jone G Blaxton Cinnamon Roll Butter Braids with cream cheese frosting, Raspberry Butter Braids with Cream cheese and other Braids Champlin, MN
cathy sheets butter braids of all flavors Champlin, MN
Shelly S Butter Braids Champlin, MN
Mary Jo Stanger Butter bread pastries Clear Lake, MN
Carrie Meissner All the above Cottage Grove, MN
Julie G Butter Braids Please! Cottage Grove, MN
Valerie Ouellette Butter braids Duluth, MN
Megan Smythurst strawberry and cream cheese, cinnamon, caramel rolls Ellsworth, WI
patricia long Butter braid cinnamon or caramel or apple etc! Hastings, MN
Patricia Long Butter Braids Hastings, MN
Shawna Cramer   Hinckley, MN
Susan Fons Braided pastry: whipped cream cheese flavors blueberry,strawberry, raspberry Hopkins, MN
Debbie Amundson Cinnamon, apple, blueberry, apple cinnamon, raspberry, any flavor I guess Hudson, WI
Debbie A Patterson Butter Braids - Raspberry & Cherry Hugo, MN
Nicole Miller Butter Braids Inver Grove Heights, MN
Heather Butter braids Kettle River, MN
Heather Butter braids Kettle River, MN
Heather Butter braids Kettle River, MN
Erin Boltik Butter braids Lakeland, MN
Serena J Butter braids of all fruit flavors Lakeville, MN
Megan Reese Butter Braids Lakeville, MN
Christi Cossette Raspberry butter braids Lakeville, MN
Danielle Olson Butter Braids Menahga, MN
Cassie   Menomonie, WI
Carmen goetz Butter braids, cinnamon, apple, strawberry Minneapolis, MN
Jeannine S Variety of Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Bryan Butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Molly Butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Mary Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Cheri Lagerquist Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Marsha Polys Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Lucinda Gardner Butter Braids Minneapolis, MN
KRISTINE ANN JOHNSON-KREKELBERG cinnamon, carmel braided pastry and or roll Minneapolis, MN
Rose Spielman Butter braid products Minneapolis, MN
Lloyd Bihon Strawberry, Bavarian cream, Cinnamon roll, Cherry, Raspberry Butterbraid Minneapolis, MN
Puqiang Wu Any butterbraids Minneapolis, MN
Savannah Bergum Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Dina Dupre Butter braids Minneapolis, MN
Debbie Butterbraids Minnetonka, MN
Quincy Rohach Butter Braids Prior Lake, MN
Amy Easton Butter Braids - Blueberry and Strawberry Rogers, MN
Angela Butterbraids Saint Cloud, MN
Syreeta Ahelegbe Apple butter braid Saint Paul, MN
Holly Bloom Any butter braids Saint Paul, MN
CHRYS ANDRAE Butter Braid Pastries Saint Paul, MN
mary tenjack strawberry, blueberry, carmel Stacy, MN
Kelly Taverna caramel rolls/apple pastry Stillwater, MN
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